Saturday, November 17, 2012

My tips on being healthy!

Tips for Healthy Eating:

#1 - If you don't make the food, you can't eat it.

I think everybody has those days where all they can think about is food. Especially with the handy tool of Pinterest to keep your mouth watering over amazing desserts. One way that I've started to lose weight is to just stop baking all this sweet stuff!

#2 - Don't chow down on the bread! Carbs will make you gain weight.

One thing that can ruin a good day of eating is the dreaded carbs. Don't completely cut out carbs because I've learned from experience that this will only lead to a terrible binge on carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Don't go all Atkins diet because that just does not work, 20 grams of carbs per day is a great way to lose weight but it's nearly impossible. I've tried.

#3 - Water is your friend! Drink as much as you can.

Every blog, website, and health book you will read will stress the importance of drinking water. It seriously is hugely important in losing weight. It not only makes you have the sensation of feeling more full but it also helps you digest food better. There are some people that say you shouldn't drink water for 30 minutes after a meal... Don't listen to this bologna. The Mayo Clinic says that it will benefit your digestion and I would definitely take their word for it. I like to make pitchers full of unsweetened tea or water with lemons, apples, or cinnamon. Don't use those Crystal Light packets because they're just full of nasty chemicals.

#4 - Indulge every now and then to prevent a crazy binge crash.

Don't roll your eyes at this next tip because that's what I used to do when I read this all the time. Indulging every now and then can actually help you. Having a few pieces of chocolate here and there does have sugar and carbs and whatever else but it curbs your cravings and prevents you from just binging on cupcakes and other detrimental desserts/foods.

#4 - Take in all the compliments you receive. Use them as motivation to do more!

This last tip is just something to help you stay motivated. When I first started losing weight it was nice when people would say, "You look skinny!" It seriously is a huge booster and makes you want to do more and look better so that you can get more compliments. Humans are kind of self centered and want people to look at them. It's just the truth!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

"The first wealth is health."


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