Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How I've Been Losing Weight

So, apparently my New Years resolutions have begun early. Lose weight? Check.

This wasn't exactly by effort, although I would love to say it's from hard work and dedication. I've been on winter break and uhhhhmmm exercise? No check. I haven't moved my lazy butt too much but I did work in a few exercises throughout my movie marathons.

Alright so I had to have my wisdom teeth removed the 26th, yes the day after Christmas. No biggie. But anyways, I could have no solid food and I still haven't eaten a whole piece of bread in a week. I literally have filled up on cinnamon applesauce (my favorite), Greek yogurt, and frozen yogurts. If you eat like this for a week or so there is no way you won't lose weight, for real.

I'm not saying that this is the ideal diet because it was very difficult for me to incorporate veggies and other nutritions in but I have just recently begun to eat more veggies/fruits. Seriously consider doing more of a liquid/soft food diet but make sure to get proper nutrition. I got pretty much all my protein from the Greek yogurts I consumed like a maniac. Just pretend you just got your wisdom teeth removed and you have a painful dry socket (which I had.)

Start out your new year right!

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